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What We Offer

One Year Diploma

We offer a range of courses designed to cater to different aspirations and time commitments. Our flagship program is the One-Year Diploma Course, which covers various disciplines within the realm of filmmaking. These disciplines include Direction, Screenplay Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Acting, Sound Design, and Photography. The one-year diploma course is structured into four semesters, each spanning three months.

Academic Structure

During the first six months [First two semesters] of the diploma course, we focus on providing a strong foundation on all streams of filmmaking. This is accomplished through a common class where students learn the basics of each discipline. It ensures that all participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of filmmaking.

    In the third semester, students have the opportunity to specialize in the stream they have selected. This allows them to delve deeper into their chosen area of interest and acquire advanced skills and knowledge specific to that discipline.

    The final semester of the diploma course is dedicated to the completion of projects, where students work on creating their own short film or documentary. This hands-on experience allows them to apply the techniques and theories they have learned throughout the course and showcase their creativity and storytelling abilities.

Fees Structure

the total fee for the one year diploma is ₹140,000/-. The initial payment required is 40% of the total fee, which amounts to ₹56,000. The remaining balance of ₹84,000/- can be spread out as monthly payments over a period of 12 months which comes around ₹7000/- per month. 

  we provide 40% scholarship for govt reservations [SC/ST] and 25% for female and transgender candidates. Please note that specific payment plans and options may vary, so it's always best to contact the school directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding fees and payment schedules.

Candidates who comes in the top 10 ranks of our entrance exam will be eligible for a 50% scholarship.

Short-Term Courses: In addition to the one-year diploma course, we also offer short-term courses. These courses are designed for individuals with limited time availability or those who wish to focus on specific aspects of filmmaking. The short-term courses cover a range of topics and provide targeted training to enhance specific skills or techniques.

Short term Courses

Why Us

At New Wave Film School, we provide a vibrant and immersive learning environment for aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles. Through our courses, workshops, film-making camps, festivals, and movie screenings, we aim to foster a community of passionate individuals who appreciate the art of cinema. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive one-year diploma course or a short-term course to enhance your skills, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of cinematic exploration and creativity.



Direction is a critical and multifaceted role in the field of filmmaking, encompassing the creative vision, coordination, and guidance of all aspects of a production. our aim is to help you realise  your skills, and  gain knowledge, and artistic sensibilities to excel in this challenging and rewarding role.



Cinematography is an integral and visually expressive aspect of filmmaking that involves capturing images, creating moods, and conveying the narrative through the art of camera work. we help you find your technical skills, visual storytelling abilities, and artistic sensibilities behind the camera. 


Sound Design & Recording

Sound Design is a crucial aspect of filmmaking that encompasses the creation, manipulation, and integration of audio elements to enhance the storytelling experience. we help you develop

understanding and skills in this specialized field. 



Photography is an art form that combines technical skills with a keen eye for aesthetics. we offer comprehensive courses to help you develop a deep understanding of the techniques and aesthetics involved in photography.

Screen writting.jpg

Screenplay Writing

Screenplay writing is a foundational and essential element of the filmmaking process. It involves crafting engaging narratives, compelling characters, and captivating dialogue that serve as the blueprint for a film.  we guide you to tell your story, structure your ideas effectively, and refine your skills as a screenwriter.



Editing is a vital part of the filmmaking process, where raw footage is transformed into a cohesive and engaging narrative. We aim to help you develop your technical skills and creative storytelling abilities through editing.



Acting is a powerful art form that requires a combination of talent, skill, and dedication. our comprehensive acting courses designed to help aspiring actors develop their craft. 

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